[IANAIPRpubliccomment] JPNIC comment on the IANA IPR Agreements

MAEMURA Akinori maem at nic.ad.jp
Fri Sep 9 08:12:24 UTC 2016

Here I send the comment on behalf of JPNIC:

JPNIC comment on the IANA IPR Agreements

JPNIC would like to thank the opportunity to submit a public comment on the IANA  
IPR Agreements. We support to move forward on timely implementation of these  

On the basic composition and objective of each of the three IANA IPR agreements,  
we do not observe inconsistencies between the agreements and IANA IPR element of  
the ICG proposal. Further, the transfer of the IANA IPR from ICANN to the IETF  
Trust is consistent with what has been agreed by the three Operational Communities.

We look forward to continued timely preparation for implementation of IANA IPR  
component of the ICG proposal, with ICANN, the IETF Trust, and the three  
Operational Communities, entering into these agreements in order to facilitate  
the IANA Stewardship transition. For details to be defined post IANA stewardship  
transition, we believe developing rules and procedures for the Community  
Coordination Group is important, as recognised and described in the “IANA IPR  
Community Agreement”.

We would like to thank representatives from the Names Community, the Numbers  
Community, the Protocol Parameter Community, the IETF Trust, and ICANN, for  
their continued efforts towards its smooth implementation.

Best Regards,
Shigeki Goto
President, Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)

All the Best,

MAEMURA Akinori   General Manager, Internet Development Dept.
maem at nic.ad.jp      JPNIC - Japan Network Information Center

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